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Meet CHC’s medical team in NYC

Thomas Roland, Jr., MD

Medical Director, Otologist

doctor-thomas-roland-implant-surgeonDr. Roland has served as the Medical Director of the Center for Hearing and Communication since 1995. Renowned worldwide for his pioneering achievements in cochlear implant surgery, Dr. Roland is committed to clinical excellence and compassionate care. His insightful leadership has guided CHC in the development and implementation of best practices and has been instrumental in the expansion of our scope of services. Dr Roland’s skills as a surgeon are unmatched, and as Co-Director of the NYU Cochlear Implant Center, he leads one of the largest implant centers in the world.

David R Friedmann, MD, MSc

Pediatric and adult ear surgery (ENT)

David R Friedmann, MD, MSc is on faculty at NYU School of Medicine. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Rochester and earned his Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Friedmann completed residency training in otolaryngology – head & neck surgery and then a fellowship in neurotology and skull base surgery at NYU, one of the largest cochlear implant programs in the country and a center for skull base tumors. At NYU, Dr. Friedmann performs ear surgery on children and adults including cochlear implants, stapes surgery, cholesteatoma and tympanoplasty. His research interests include cochlear implant outcomes in patients with residual hearing, single-sided deafness and music perception. He also performs and studies outcomes with auditory brainstem implants.

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