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When ear infections require a hearing test

Ear infections: What parents need to know After well-child visits, the most common reason children are seen in a pediatrician’s office is for otitis media, a very common middle ear infection. When children have otitis media, typically, there is fluid that collects in the middle ear. This fluid, if it remains over a period of […]

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CHC applauds Duracell’s hearing health initiative

Duracell and Mad Men’s John Slattery inspire hope for those with hearing loss Duracell just launched their new Stay Connected initiative promoting the benefits of healthy hearing. It’s a terrific educational campaign that highlights the dangers of untreated hearing loss and celebrates the transformative power of today’s hearing aids and the batteries that keep them […]

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Improved access for New Yorkers with disabilities

Bill requires hearing loops at City meetings I was proud to play a role in Council member Helen Rosenthal’s  press conference August 13th at City Hall in New York. The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) was one of 18 nonprofits wholeheartedly supporting the announcement of new legislation that promotes improved access to City meetings […]

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