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Cochlear Implant Activation Day, Sep 16, 2019

I’m Still Hear: My Cochlear Implant Adventure Part 2 by Ruth Bernstein In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to thank all the people who are sharing their support, expertise and love on my cochlear implant journey. I am making very good progress because of your encouragement and caring. Special thanks to my family, who […]

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I’m Still Hear: My Cochlear Implant Adventure

Sound Advice by Ruth Bernstein I’ve been dealing with my deteriorating hearing for four decades. As the years went by and my hearing continued to get worse, Dr. Lafargue, my ever-patient CHC audiologist, encouraged me to consider a cochlear implant (CI). I was reluctant because I have a long history of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions […]

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Embrace the adventure of better hearing!

Sound Advice by Ruth D. Bernstein As a longtime hearing advocate, I often hear from people like my friend who recently told me she was diagnosed with a moderate hearing loss and hearing aids were recommended. She was not interested in getting aids yet. Here’s how I responded: Although you are reluctant to give hearing […]

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