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Addressing back-to-school jitters

By Jeff Wax, Director, Baker Family Emotional Health and Wellness Center at CHC If your child is feeling nervous about starting school in a few days, know that it’s reasonable and normal to feel that way. This is true whether a child is returning to the same school, going to a new one, or entering […]

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Literacy learning needs of children with hearing loss

The ABC’s of literacy The back-to-school season is an ideal time to give literacy the attention it deserves! The ability to read and write is important for any child to succeed in school and in all aspects of life. But children with hearing loss require extra support from parents to ensure he or she develops […]

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Congress passes OTC hearing aid bill

What you need to know The over-the-counter hearing aid bill that passed in the Senate recently is making quite a stir in audiological, hearing aid industry, and consumer circles. If signed into law, it will clear the way for the FDA to designate a new category of “basic” hearing aids that will be available to […]

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