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Congress passes OTC hearing aid bill

What you need to know The over-the-counter hearing aid bill that passed in the Senate recently is making quite a stir in audiological, hearing aid industry, and consumer circles. If signed into law, it will clear the way for the FDA to designate a new category of “basic” hearing aids that will be available to […]

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Protecting your hearing at loud concerts

CHC audiologist shows how it’s done CHC audiologist Kristin Baldwin knows very well the harmful effects of noise on hearing. Exposure to loud sounds, especially 85 decibels or higher, over time can result in permanent hearing loss and other serious hearing problems. So what was Dr. Baldwin doing at a rock concert at Nassau Colisseum? […]

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TLC for Hearing Aids

Sound Advice by Ruth D. Bernstein I’m recovering from the shock of having my right hearing aid fall apart, something that has never happened to me before in the 45+ years I’ve been wearing aids. As I was getting ready to go to exercise class, something I do regularly because it helps keep my body, […]

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