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Heat alert! Special care for hearing aids

Sound Advice by Ruth D. Bernstein It’s HOT! For the past few days, I’ve been receiving Heat Advisories from NYC and New York State. They explain how I can take care of myself during this intense heat wave. No one mentions that, if you wear hearing aids, they need special care when temperatures soar because […]

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The squeaky wheel gets greased

Sound Advice by Ruth D. Bernstein On Sunday, June 17, 2018, I attended Lincoln Square Synagogue’s (LSS) 54th Annual Dinner. For the very first time, the event had CART and an audio loop, proof that a squeaky wheel gets greased – or in this case hearing accommodations! Getting the process rolling A dear friend and […]

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Special offer for Widex Beyond users

Discover benefits of rechargeable technology Here’s terrific news for anyone who purchased Widex’s Beyond Fusion hearing aids in the past two years. CHC audiologists can convert your hearing aid into a rechargeable aid that will eliminate your having to fuss with disposable batteries. Using a simple kit provided by Widex, CHC can retrofit your Beyond […]

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