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When ear infections require a hearing test

Ear infections: What parents need to know After well-child visits, the most common reason children are seen in a pediatrician’s office is for otitis media, a very common middle ear infection. When children have otitis media, typically, there is fluid that collects in the middle ear. This fluid, if it remains over a period of […]

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JAMA hearing aid view addresses urgent health crisis

JAMA policy viewpoint on hearing aids If you follow our blog or e-newsletter, you know that we frequently write about the risks of untreated hearing loss to the health and safety of older adults. I’m pleased to report that the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) this month includes an opinion piece on the […]

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Elizabeth Ying: Improving care for children with cochlear implants

What do you do to cap off a 40-year career in aural habilitation and rehabilitation?  If you’re speech therapist Elizabeth (Liz) Ying, you connect with old friends and embark on a new journey. CHC’s therapy for children with cochlear implants Liz Ying is animated as she discusses her plans to raise the industry standards of […]

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