“The new hearing aids rock. Truly. This is as close as anybody has gotten to what the ear and brain normally do. Protecting me when it gets noisy, etc. I’m just letting them do their thing and it’s cool!”

New hearing aids by Widex

Widex Unique

– CHC client

This enthusiastic message came to me via email from a client I fit with Widex Unique only a few days before. He clearly is adjusting well to the new hearing aids and experiencing a benefit from Unique that he wasn’t getting from his prior devices.

New hearing aids generate positive buzz

New hearing aids by Oticon

Oticon Dynamo

New hearing aids from Widex (Unique) and Oticon (Dynamo, a power aid) are generating overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients at CHC who have tried them since they launched in November. Some of the advantages they’re experiencing:

  • Access to more sound than before
  • A quality of sound that is more true-to-life
  • Enhanced ability to understand speech, even in noise
  • Wireless accessories for phone, TV and other electronic devices
New hearing aids, version 3.1 by Lyric

Phonak Lyric

In fact, there’s a breadth of hearing technology available today for people with all degrees of hearing loss that’s truly remarkable. In addition to new hearing aids from Widex and Oticon, Phonak has a line of devices producing excellent outcomes. Among them are Lyric, an extended-wear hearing aid that sits completely in the ear canal, and Roger Pen, a sleekly designed wireless mic that enhances speech in noise and over distance.

Discounts available on hearing aids and accessories

Audiologist Ellen Lafargue

Audiologist Ellen Lafargue

Now is a great time to try out the new hearing aids and accessories at CHC in New York because we are offering these discounts and promotional benefits:

  • Save 10% off the purchase of two hearing aids
  • Get 1 or more accessories free with the purchase of Widex hearing aids
  • Save 40% off the purchase of Roger Pen (through February 29th)

At CHC, you can demo the latest technology by all of the leading hearing aid manufacturers. Be assured that CHC has no allegiance to any particular manufacturer. Our sole focus is to determine the technology solution that works best for your unique hearing and communication needs – always with an eye on providing you with the most discreet design possible.

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We look forward to being your guide in this new and exciting age of hearing technology!