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Better hearing makes for healthy aging.

The Center for Hearing and Aging at CHC is the only program of its kind.

We’ve known since the start that older folks with age-related hearing loss benefit hugely from using hearing technology and communication strategies. It helps to people to stay engaged, independent, and healthy so they can enjoy more of life.

A third of people over the age of 65, and two thirds of those over 75, have hearing loss. Yet very few are willing to admit they have a problem–aging isn’t usually easy, after all. Only one in five actually uses hearing aids, thereby receiving the tremendous and proven health, social, and emotional benefits they bring.

Targeting an age-old problem in a new way

Then in 2012, research broke showing that untreated hearing loss can actually increase risk or speed up cognitive decline, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. With that, we founded the Center for Hearing and Aging so we could approach the problem with more capacity.

Thanks to remarkably generous and innovative donors, CHC recently concluded the pilot period of the Center for Hearing and Aging program.

The multidisciplinary program team has already served 1,000 seniors, family caregivers, and professionals involved in the wellness of older people. They designed and implemented new, compassion-focused, and visionary services not found anywhere else.

Which of these listening situations cause you difficulty?
  • Understanding phone conversations
  • Hearing the doorbell or phone ring
  • Communicating in noisy restaurants
  • Listening to TV or radio
  • Following group discussions

If one or more are difficult for you, we encourage you to get a hearing evaluation and explore whether you may be a candidate for the new services created under the Center for Hearing and Aging. Hearing loss can be a part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with its harm.

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