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Auditory processing disorders (APD)

APD or auditory processing disorder services at CHC in NYCEffective March 17th, CHC staff in New York will be working from home where they will be available to answer your questions, help address your needs and provide teletherapy, where appropriate. While we are not currently offering in-office services, we would be happy to set up an appointment for you in the April/May time frame. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment or any other issue you might be having.    

APD defined

One in every 100 children lives with an auditory processing disorder (APD), a condition characterized by a confusing ability to hear but not listen well, difficulty processing language appropriately, and frustration in communication.

Children with APD may struggle in home and classroom communication situations, particularly in noisy environments or when information is delivered in a fast-paced manner.

APD can also result in speech and language difficulties, for example articulation problems, difficulty with grammar and problems sequencing auditory information. Learning to read with untreated APD is often impossible.

Does your child exhibit the signs of APD?

  • CAPD testing at CHC in NYCHas difficulty following instructions
  • Struggles hearing in noisy environments
  • Constantly says “what?” or “huh?”
  • Seems distracted or inattentive
  • Has difficulty learning to read
  • Mishears words
  • Has difficulty telling a story in sequence
  • Struggles to find words

APD diagnosis and treatment

If your child has one or more of these signs, we suggest you discuss the symptoms with your child’s physician, and, if recommended, follow up with appropriate testing.

The good news is that most kids who receive treatment for APD become much more effective listeners. They gain confidence and often thrive in the classroom.

CHC’s APD services

The Center for Hearing and Communication in New York offers expertise in the assessment of APD as well as other services to enhance your child’s ability to learn and succeed academically.

  • Phone and in-person consultations
  • Audiological evaluations (CAPD test)
  • Parent counseling
  • Educational consultation

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