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Therapeutic intervention for auditory processing disorder

An auditory processing disorder (APD) is treated through a collection of techniques and adjustments that improve your child’s access to oral information. The following methods can be used in tandem to meet your child’s needs.

Environmental modifications

Steps you can take at home or at school may include the following:

  • Having your child close to the teacher for better listening access;
  • Limiting loud TV and radio use in the house, especially during conversations;
  • Providing your child a quiet place to study;
  • Noticing difficult listening situations and creating an atmosphere most suitable to your child’s needs.

Therapy sessions

A custom therapy program with a speech-language pathologist will offer your child:

  • One-on-one sessions with a speech-language pathologist, utilizing a therapy approach specific to your child’s listening and communication needs;
  • A series of fun listening/language-building exercises (e.g. pairing auditory sounds with visual aids and lessening their use over time, encouraging your child to rely on auditory senses);
  • Improved speech, language and listening skills;
  • Ease with daily listening and communication tasks.

Ongoing reinforcement

Techniques and strategies you can use with your child include:

  • Speaking to your child slowly and clearly; using pauses and checking for understanding;
  • Giving your child directions one step at a time;
  • Asking your child to repeat directions aloud until the task is complete to help him/her through a difficult series of directions;
  • Encouraging your child to take down longer notes in a journal or utilize other aids that convert oral speech to writing

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