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Listening Studio: advanced hearing aid performance

Only at CHC’s Shelley and Steven Einhorn Audiology Center

With the Listening Studio, a CHC audiologist can give you maximum benefit with your hearing aidsA frequent complaint among people with hearing loss is that hearing aids don’t work as well when there’s a lot of background noise. The hearing aid that worked great in the test booth can become a source of frustration in a noisy restaurant.  Addressing this issue, the Center for Hearing and Communication created the Listening Studio, an innovation for people with hearing loss.

Listening Studio: Maximize the benefit you get from hearing aids

The Listening Studio is an audio and video installation acoustically designed to simulate an array of real-life listening environments. Working in this unique setting, audiologists at the Center for Hearing and Communication can provide people with the opportunity to maximize the benefit they obtain from their hearing aids. Hearing aid settings can be fine-tuned to maximize performance in real-world situations including the classroom, a noisy city street and a subway platform.  In total more than 500 scenarios can be simulated to help consumers hear better at home, at school and when they’re on the go.

Connect to Life

CHC audiologists share one goal: to help you connect to life. While it’s great if you can hear well in a quiet setting like a test booth, we know the real world is not always as hospitable. Being part of the conversation can be challenging when there’s lots of background noise or if a conversation involves more than two people. The Listening Studio is an essential tool used exclusively by CHC audiologists to manage the sophisticated settings on today’s digital hearing aids. By replicating the challenging listening situations you experience in your everyday life – hearing in a lecture hall, dining out in a noisy restaurant, conversing on a city street – CHC audiologists can make just the right modifications to your hearing aids. The result: you’ll enjoy all of life’s moments, where ever life takes you..

To learn more, read The New York Times article about the Listening Studio A Hearing Test Made for the Big City.

To make an appointment with a CHC audiologist in the Listening Studio, call us at (917) 305-7766 or submit an appointment request.

We are grateful to Shelley and Steven Einhorn for their support and vision in helping to create this invaluable resource.