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Purchasing hearing aids and fitting services

Purchasing new hearing aids that work well for you is an amazing experience—you didn’t even know what you were missing!

First time and longtime hearing aid wearers benefit from CHC’s standards of excellence: extra time and care for each appointment, the most talented and compassionate clinicians in the field, no associations with particular hearing aid makers to “push” that brand, and state-of-the-art technology, including our custom made, unique audio and visual Listening Studio.

If you’re considering hearing aids for the fist time…

Modern hearing aids vary in size, style, strength, features, color, and price. If your audiologists determines you will benefit from hearing aids, we’ll teach you about the options that will work for your lifestyle, diagnosis, and needs. CHC is renowned for fitting people with just the right hearing technology, including people with unusual or hard-to-treat hearing losses.

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Once you’ve picked your new devices, we’ll remind you that adjusting to any new hearing aids is a unique experience, and very unlike getting a new pair of glasses. The work your brain performs to turn noise into speech and other sounds that make sense is complicated. At first, the aids may sound unnatural, loud, or like they’re not helping you understand. You’ll need to give it time—for some people, it takes just a couple of days for things to start to sound clearer than ever.

Digital hearing aids run built-in programs that correspond to your hearing and actively adjust to your immediate environment. It often takes more than one try to find the programs that work best for you. Following your hearing aid purchase, we look forward to seeing you for as many visits as you need (at no cost) to set the programs correctly for you. Your audiologist can fine-tune most hearing aids to a very high degree.

If you’re a current hearing aid wearer looking for an upgrade…

Hearing technology veterans, we know you will appreciate the extra-attentive audiology services you’ll receive here. Our hearing evaluations, required before you choose new aids, are in-depth and customized for your needs and history. We’ll determine how you’re hearing with your current hearing aids, show you new functionalities that may improve your life quality, and guide you through the options.

You will also love CHC’s Listening Studio, a unique and state-of-the-art audio-visual environment where we can test how your hearing aids are helping in dozens of real world environments. The stunning design of this studio layers sounds, sights, and conversations to simulate hundreds of listening environments, including a subway platform, restaurant, classroom, office, sidewalk, and more.

Visit the Hearing Aids and Technology Section to learn about hearing aid brands we dispense and hearing aid types and models.

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