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Hearing test for all ages in NYC

CHC hearing test is in-depth and customized

Hearing test in NYC at CHC is among the most comprehensive available.A hearing test (also referred to as a hearing evaluation) at CHC’s Shelley and Steven Einhorn Audiology Center is in-depth and customized for your needs and history. You’ll appreciate the extra attention our audiologists give you and benefit from the most comprehensive hearing test available. A hearing test is the first step in identifying any your hearing problems you might have (or the hearing issues of a child or other loved one).

If you’re considering new hearing technology or the first-time purchase of hearing aids, a comprehensive hearing test tells us what types of hearing aids could work well for you.

We test with hearing aids too

If you’re currently a wearer of hearing aids, the hearing test can take place while you wear your hearing aids aids to determine appropriate benefit. The audiologist can make adjustments to the settings on your hearing aids to address any specific listening needs you might have. The evaluation might also include a demonstration of alternative technologies including hearing aids and accessories that offer the potential to improve listening and communication.

If this is your first visit to CHC, we’ll schedule you for an hour-long appointment to make sure there’s time to answer all your questions and discuss with you the results of the hearing test. Your audiologist will give you a graphic representation of your hearing ability in the form of an audiogram and explain all the important details.

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Be assured that your hearing test at the Center for Hearing and Communication will be done by a licensed audiologist highly experienced in hearing assessment and the use of innovative testing techniques. CHC’s audiology team in NYC has, in fact, more than 100 years of collective experience, so your hearing is in very capable hands.

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