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Hearing protection: Invest in your future health

Hearing loss from noise is totally preventable.

Hearing protection at CHC in NYC is customized for your professional, lifestyle or recreational needsCHC’s technology center can help save your hearing and your health with custom earbuds and other sound accessories that provide serious hearing protection..

Aging is not what causes most hearing losses. Noise is the leading culprit! Repeated exposure to noise 85 decibels (about the level of city traffic or some vacuum cleaners) and louder can give you irreversible hearing problems.

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Hearing protection for a lifetime of healthy hearing

The good news is that noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. CHC’s team of skilled audiologists at CHC’s Berelson Hearing Technology Center can custom fit you with any of the solutions below. To inquire about custom hearing protection so that you can enjoy a lifetime of healthy hearing, call us 917-305-7766 (v) or complete the appointment request form.

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Learn more about the dangers of long-term exposure to noise and the steps you can take to protect your hearing.

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