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CHC’s signature auditory-oral therapy

Group therapy at CHc for deaf and hard of hearing babiesOur infants and young children who are deaf or hard of hearing usually attend individual therapy once or twice per week, and group therapy once weekly. CHC’s talented pediatric speech-language pathologists are known for their abilities to form a bond with the child—when your child enjoys therapy, his or her progress benefits!

At CHC’s Shelley and Steven Einhorn Communication Center, we follow the auditory-oral approach. The primary goal of auditory-oral therapy is to become a competent oral communicator.

But our goal for each deaf or hard of hearing child in therapy at CHC  is to become an excellent communicator.

CHC’s young clients will face challenges as people with hearing loss throughout their lives. We want to help them develop especially strong communication skills and self-awareness so they can access the same opportunities as anyone else.

Our signature combination of individual and group therapy enables successful development of the most essential communication skills:

  • Listening and comprehension,
  • Articulation and speech,
  • Executive function and pragmatic conversational/discourse, and
  • Ability to self-advocate and navigate without adult mediation.

The communication therapy program that your CHC clinicians recommend for your child will be based on his or her current oral expressive and receptive language skills. Your child will periodically need audiology or psycho-educational services. At CHC, all disciplines are under the same roof and clinicians collaborate to serve your child’s needs in the most meaningful way possible.

At the heart of our auditory habilitation program is family participation. It is only with the dedicated and passionate involvement of parents and other family members that we can successfully guide and support your child’s journey to hearing.

A deaf child’s best tool: a confident and well-informed parent

As a parent, you will receive ongoing support in navigating the stages, decisions, and resources you will encounter in your child’s journey to a world without limits. Visit CHC’s J. C. Kellogg Family Resource Center and sign up for the Buzz newsletter to learn about and take advantage of all we offer.