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Speechreading (or lipreading) therapy

“Learning to speechread has improved my life! I truly could not exist in the environment that I live in without speechreading along with my aided hearing.” – CHC Client

CHC offers New York’s only speechreading program

People with all degrees of hearing loss can discover better communication by learning to speechread (also known as lipread) at the Center for Hearing and Communication.

Speech-language pathologist Linda Kessler heads up our speechreading program for adults. Working one-on-one as well as in a group setting, Kessler can help you to decipher sounds and conversation cues by observing a person’s mouth, facial expressions and gestures.

CHC clients who study with Kessler find the “extra information” they glean through speechreading indispensable when the benefit they get from their hearing aids isn’t quite enough.

Contact Linda Kessler, MA, CCC-SLP at 917-305-7838 (v) or via email to see if speechreading could help you connect to life. Certain private and government insurance plans provide coverage for speechreading therapy.

Video: Linda Kesller on how speechreading helps