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Innovation In Hearing Health Care For People With Alzheimer’s: Center For Hearing And Communication Introduces SoundMind Program

August 12, 2013—Recognizing that hearing health care plays a critical role in the quality of life for people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, SoundMind is a suite of clinical services tailored to meet the hearing and communication needs of older adults who are concerned about the impact of hearing loss on cognitive function.

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New York’s Top Broadcasters And Wine Spectator Join The Center For Hearing And Communication To Put Hearing Healthcare In The Spotlight At The 20th Annual Feast

August 20, 2013—The organization’s spectacular annual gala, The Feast, uniquely taps into a caring team of prominent NYC broadcasters and institutions who passionately supportive CHC’s services, which change the lives of individuals and families struggling with hearing loss and communication challenges.

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Center For Hearing And Communication Addresses Dangers Of Untreated Hearing Loss In Seniors; Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Frank Lin To Be Honored At Benefit

October 19, 2012—What if people knew that failure to address a common health condition would threaten their ability to stay mentally sharp? Would it motivate them to seek treatment? Dr. Frank Lin is presented CHC’s Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award at the annual Feast fundraiser.

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Lois Kam Heymann Appointed Director Of Shelley And Steven Einhorn Communication Center At Center For Hearing And Communication

April 19, 2011—The Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) has named Lois Kam Heymann, M.A. CCC-SLP, Director of the Shelley and Steven Einhorn Communication Center, New York’s leading provider of comprehensive clinical services for people of all ages with hearing loss as well as children with auditory processing disorder (APD).

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Center For Hearing And Communication Rings New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell, Kicking Off Better Hearing And Speech Month In May

May 2, 2012—Throughout May, Better Hearing and Speech Month, CHC will offer educational programs, free hearing screenings, and a free captioned phone to the public to encourage people to take care of their hearing.

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Center For Hearing And Communication Raises More Than $1 Million At Centennial Gala

October 18, 2010—With proceeds benefiting infants, children, and adults with hearing loss, the gala’s success reaffirms CHC’s leadership role as it begins a second century of service. About 38 million Americans live with the challenges of hearing loss, and this figure is projected to increase sharply as Baby Boomers age and the incidence of noise-induced hearing loss grows.

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Center For Hearing And Communication Celebrates 100 Years, Offers 100 Days Of Free Hearing Screenings

March 11, 2010—The Center for Hearing and Communication (new name for the League for the Hard of Hearing) is celebrating 100 years of leadership and innovation in hearing healthcare. Founded in 1910, this not-for-profit organization is renowned for its clinical expertise and innovative therapies for people of all ages with hearing loss. It is also regarded as a global leader in promoting healthy hearing practices and educating the public about noise and the impact noise has on hearing.

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Connecting people who have hearing loss to life is beautiful work. We’ve been at it for 104 years.