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Career development

Hard of hearing and deaf job-seekers often face pervasive workplace misunderstanding and discrimination, even in cases where they have proven their value and are qualified. The discrimination faced by deaf employees is comprised of misinformation about hearing aids and assistive technology, on-the-job communication difficulties, both real and perceived, and resentment over necessary accommodations. Notwithstanding the passage of The Americans with Disabilities Act 15 years ago, historic bias is deeply rooted and persistent.


Respecting the dignity of each person and striving to support their independence, the Center helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing to chart career paths and find employment. This intensive, integrated process includes:

  • Educational and Career Counseling – to clarify vocational goals and support decision-making;
  • Pre-employment Counseling – assessment of skills and job readiness; review, preparation, and revision of resumes and cover letters;
  • Job Development and Placement – matches candidates to jobs; sign language/oral interpreters and job coaches also attend interviews if necessary;
  • Post-Employment Counseling – individualized follow-up to ensure job satisfaction, including sensitivity training and job coaching where appropriate;
  • Workplace Awareness Training – information for employers about communication strategies, assistive technology, federal regulations, tax credit opportunities, and hiring and training incentives.

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