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Youth programs

Programs for youths + children at CHC-FL

Broward County after-school program for Deaf and HOH childrenAfter-school, summer programs and mental health counseling are available for children and teens who are deaf and hard of hearing in Broward County.

  • Behavioral Health – Mental Health Counseling, funded by Broward County Human Services,  provides comprehensive individual and family counseling to Deaf or Hard of Hearing (D/HoH) youth and hearing youth of D/HoH parents/siblings, ages 3 to 17, or through the 22nd birthday if eligible to be enrolled in a non-postsecondary school, GED course, or vocational non-postsecondary program. The program design focuses on addressing mental, behavioral and emotional problems and improving child and family functioning.
  • Supported Training and Employment Program (S.T.E.P.), funded by the Children’s Service Council of Broward, is a cutting-edge initiative that prepares teens with disabilities for independence after high school completion. S.T.E.P. operates after-school and during the summer months, focusing on independent living skills with vocational exploration activities, volunteer internship opportunities, and provides paid summer employment supported by on-site professional job coaches. Services offered through STEP include: case management, career counseling, life skills training, community service activities, leadership development, prevention education, transition planning, as well as supported summer-work experiences with local employers.
  • Youth FORCE (Friends, Opportunities, Resources, Counseling, and Education) Program, funded by the Children’s Services Council of Broward, provides middle school students with year-round, out-of-school-time services that include: case management, cultural enrichment activities, counseling, employability skills training, academic services and support, pregnancy and drug-prevention education, and community service learning activities. Additional program components may include mentoring, employability skills training, health and fitness activities, life skills instruction and violence prevention. The Teen Outreach Program (TOP), a nationally recognized social skills curriculum, is a required component in all Youth FORCE and 21st Century High School programs; with oversight by certified CSC staff.
  • Maximizing Out of School Time (MOST), funded by the Children’s Services Council of Broward, provides year-round services for children ages 5–12 who experience deafness or hearing loss. The program provides a remarkable and visually engaging active and enriching environment for the children.  Community service plans include multi-generational activities with seniors in a nearby assisted living facility. High-quality and enriching activities expose children to art and culture, music, science and community service while boosting academic achievement, supporting social and physical development, and strengthening children’s relationships with adults and peers within their families, schools and communities. A sliding fee scale is used to determine program fee.
  • Family Strengthening (FSP), funded by the Children’s Services Council of Broward, FSP is a program that represents the communities’ most significant investment in child abuse prevention. Evidence-based, best practice interventions are designed to stabilize families in crisis and families who are at impending risk for out-of-home placement and families at risk for child abuse and neglect due to multiple risk factors. Effective parent education services improve family functioning to prevent involvement with the dependency system. In-home services are provided a minimum of once-per-week by Master’s level staff using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) curriculum to serve families at risk of abuse and neglect impacted by hearing loss. Length of program: An average of 6 months.

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Funding for Children’s programming provided through grants from Children’s Service Council of Broward County