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Assistive devices


Sonic Alert alarm clock with bed shaker

While the benefits of modern hearing aids have long been established, many hearing aid users will still have difficulty understanding others in certain situations. For these individuals, as well as for people who do not wear hearing aids, an appropriate assistive listening device (ALD) can provide valuable help to hear in many different situations and environments.

Learn about assistive devices at CHC

You’re invited to visit CHC’s Assistive Devices Living Room in New York City to learn about assistive technology that can help you live and communicate better inside and outside your home. You’ll learn about special phones with amplification and captions, a wireless headset that allows you to hear your television better, and an alarm clock that creates a vibration under your pillow… just to name a few.

CHC offers free, group demonstrations of assistive devices each Thursday (excluding holidays) at 2:00 pm at our NYC office at 50 Broadway. Walk-ins are always welcome at this time, but to confirm availability ahead of time call 917-305-7766 (v) or email us.

Please note: The devices demo February 13, 2020, is canceled. Weekly group demonstrations will resume Thursday, February 20th. 

For more information about devices, email us at  or call 917-305-7922 (v).

Assistive devices overview

There are two types of assistive devices that support people with hearing loss and their independence.

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) facilitate conversations or help people hear or understand speech when part of an audience.

Alerting devices can help a deaf or hard of hearing person be aware when an important occurrence or emergency arises (such as smoke alarm, door bell, or baby crying).