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Assistive devices demonstrations and counseling

Audiologist Ellen Lafargue

Audiologist Ellen Lafargue

You’re invited to visit the Assistive Devices Center at CHC in New York City to learn about assistive technology that can help you live and communicate better inside and outside your home. You’ll learn about special phones with amplification and captions, a wireless headset that allows you to hear your television better, and an alarm clock that creates a vibration under your pillow (just to name a few).

For more information about the Devices Center, email us or phone us at 917-305-7922 (v).

Free weekly assistive hearing devices demonstrations

Please note: The devices demo February 13, 2020, is canceled. Weekly group demonstrations will resume Thursday, February 20th. 

Group demonstrations are offered to the public every Thursday (excluding holidays) at 2:00 pm at our NYC office at 50 Broadway. Walk-ins are welcome at this time, though always best to call ahead to confirm at 917-305-7766 (v).