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Custom earplugs, headphones + earbuds


Custom earplugs for better sound experiences now, better hearing later

Exposure to noise is the leading cause of hearing loss—not age. Repeat exposure to noise at a level of more than 85 decibels (dB) can result in permanent hearing problems.

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The good news is that noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. CHC’s team of skilled audiologists can custom fit you with any of the comfortable solutions below.

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Custom fit earplugs

Custom earplugs and other hearing protection can make all the difference for anyone exposed to noise on a regular basis, including subway riders, construction workers, concertgoers, airplane and train travelers.

We make custom earplugs in a rainbow of colors (including clear), with a design that hides nicely in the ear canal.

Musician earplugs

Musicians’ earplugs allow music makers and appreciators to enjoy a lifetime of the music they love…

Whether you’re a rock ‘n roller or a clarinet player in an orchestra, custom earplugs for musicians will reduce the level of sound without distorting the quality of the music. They’re available in a range of colors (including clear) and hide in the ear canal.

Custom earbud-style music headset

A custom headset enhances the listening pleasure for music lovers who would never part with their mP3 players but are afraid of the harms of noise. With the custom earbud-style headphone, the environmental sound is reduced and the mP3 user can reduce the volume to a less harmful level.

In addition, the listener will enjoy better overall sound. Recent studies suggest teens and young adults listening to music through their mobile devices are especially at risk. Here’s a simply solution.

Smartphone earbud-style earpiece

This custom earpiece will help you get the most from your smartphone.
Join the many phone-talkers who enjoy a custom fit earpiece that never pops out of your ear and drowns out surrounding environmental sounds, making the conversation clear.

Custom Bluetooth® earpiece

Try our custom earpiece specially designed for use with Buetooth® technology. Most other Bluetooth® earpieces sit outside the ear with a one-size-fits-all sizing, but with a custom fit earpiece, you can hear more clearly and comfortably.