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Lyri, the invisible hearing aid, is available at the Center for Hearing and CommunicationCHC is pleased to be one of just a few audiology centers in Manhattan with expertise in the fitting of Lyric – an invisible, extended-wear hearing aid by Phonak.

Lyric is a remarkable innovation for people ages 16+ with mild to moderate hearing loss. It offers two benefits that are unique in the world of hearing technology:

Invisible – Lyric is completely invisible. Because it’s positioned deep inside the ear canal, Lyric is the most discreet hearing aid available. And clients tell us it’s very comfortable to wear.

Extended Wear – Unlike daily-wear hearing aids that are removed each night, Lyric is an extended-wear hearing aid that is worn for months at a time. Lyric wearers experience an incredible ease-of-use because the device stays put 24/7, allowing wearers to experience sound the minute they wake up in the morning.

While not waterproof, Lyric is water resistant, so activities like showering and exercise are never an issue. Swimming, however, is not possible while wearing Lyric.

CHC’s audiology team is highly experienced in the evaluation and fitting of Lyric. In determining whether or not you are right for Lyric, your audiologist will consider ear canal size as well as any medical issues you might have. Please note that once inserted, Lyric should only be removed by a trained audiologist.

Contact CHC in New York at 917-305-7766 (v) or complete the online contact form to begin exploring the Lyric option. Discover why so many of our clients are thrilled with its performance and super-discreet style.