Mr. Jeffrey M. Cohen is president of the Board of Directors at CHC, a hearing loss nonprofit. He recounts our 103rd Annual Meeting of November 19, 2013.

Don’t forget to take a break, turn around, and see all the mountains you’ve climbed and hearts touched over the past year.

As a hearing loss nonprofit, for 103 years we’ve dutifully observed our yearly assembly to review financials and outcomes from the previous fiscal year. After official business, the CHC family collectively takes a moment to realize all that dedicated and kind people can do in a year, with the support of their community.

Community Support

The archives tell us that one CHC Annual Meeting about 100 years ago, the new hearing loss nonprofit’s leadership heartily celebrated having raised funds from a birthday tea party benefit. The proceeds totaled… $131.50! That’s a helpful $3K in today’s money.

I’m happy to report that in FY13, the CHC Feast raised over a half a million.

In fact, in  FY13, more than half of CHC’s income came from donors and government programs. CHC is committed to providing highest caliber, compassionate care to all those need it, regardless of how much time it takes or their financial circumstances. Donor generosity is what enables us to do so.

Who Did CHC Help In NYC?

  • In fiscal year 2013, 8 audiologists provided over 10K appointments and dispensed close to 1K hearing aids to people of every age, ability, background, and socioeconomic status.
  • We served 24% more new people, compared with FY12.
  • The audiology department’s good work was rewarded in January 2013, when the Hearing Review named director of audiology Ellen Lafargue, AuD, CCC-A a “Best Audiologist.”
  • 5 speech and language pathologists provided thousands of hours of evaluations and therapy to hard of hearing and deaf children. That translates into thousands upon thousands of new words learned.
  • The Auditory Processing Center at CHC also grew tremendously, and we received special grants to extend its services to families in desperate need.
  • In our Emotional Health and Wellness Center, social workers and a psychiatrist provided over 3K hours of counseling and therapeutic/psychiatric services to hard of hearing, deaf and deaf-blind people.
  • CHC clients reside in all 5 NYC boroughs, the larger tri-state area, and beyond—this year, families visited from India, Israel, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Finland, Mexico, Singapore, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Japan, specifically to receive services here.

PDF: CHC’s FY13 Annual Report

Wonderful News From CHC in Florida

CHC-FL, with its special brand of energetic service to at-risk Deaf and hard of hearing youth, likewise reached new heights. Weeks of hands-on work with deaf and hard of hearing elementary, middle school, and high school students paid off when kids stayed in school, out of trouble, and got ready for employment or college after they graduate.

A group of these kids channeled their energy and banded together to perform an anti-bullying musical and paint a beautiful mural.

CHC in Florida also successfully piloted an unprecedented, homegrown HIV/AIDS prevention program for Deaf adults.

… And Beyond

I was awed this spring when Anita Stein‑Meyers, our head pediatric audiologist in NYC, traveled to Nicaragua on a mission to fit hearing aids on children who so desperately needed them. You can read more about her adventures and impact in her blog posts about the trip.

Serving our immediate, local community as the flagship hearing loss nonprofit has always been CHC’s priority. Our work has global impacts, too. CHC is a public, worldwide resource for hearing loss information and support, and we continuously provide free guidance via email, phone, video chat, and mail to people from all over the world who ask for our help. Professional hearing health communities near and far have adapted and disseminated the many best practices CHC has developed over the decades.

CHC’s Mission Since 1910

CHC has worked for 103 years to help people with hearing loss live in a world without limits. Yearly, CHC evolves to meet changing needs and to leverage new technology. It was time to update our mission statement, reframing the human impact of the work we do:

The Center for Hearing and Communication provides life-affirming hearing healthcare to over 20,000 annually. We are committed to improving the quality of life for children and adults with all degrees of hearing loss and listening and auditory challenges.

Here’s to Success In Your Mission This Year…

I’d love to hear what accomplishments you’re celebrating as 2013 comes to a close—please share in the comments!

With warm regards,

Jeffrey M. Cohen

President, CHC Board of Directors