Little Anthony Smith from New Hampshire declared that his hearing aid would go unworn. Why? ‘Cause superheroes don’t wear ’em.

Anthony’s mom, Christina D’Allesandro, thought this was a pretty strong argument, so she took up with Marvel Comics.

That’s when Marvel Comics’ Blue Ear was created, just for Anthony and all the other hearing aid wearers out there, young and old.

We’ve been following this soaring storyline since May 2012, when Marvel first shared with the world drawings of the new, ear-gizo-festooned superhero. And today, we’re partying with Marvel Comics and Iron Man!

CNN’s picked up the scoop on our event. The Center for Hearing and Communication is hosting a party with Marvel Comics and Phonak featuring Iron Man and his “Hearing is Believing” campaign.

The event’s free for friends and families of CHC. There’s a few spots left, so if you’re quick as a crime-fighting good guy you might still be able to secure a spot by registering here.

Join us next door to CHC in lower Manhattan on February 26th, from 3:30 to 5:30pm at 52 Broadway. Guests get their pictures taken with Iron Man, refreshments, and a print of the new Iron Man “Hearing is Believing” poster sponsored by Phonak. RSVPs are a must!

We’re proud to join forces with Marvel Comics and Phonak in a celebration of hearing technology and in taking a stance against hearing loss related bullying. Read more on this important topic from blogger Lipreading Mom.

Every so often, kids who wear hearing aids just don’t feel like putting them in their ears. Maybe it’s a bad day, a sore ear, an awareness of being different. And sometimes parents of kids who wear hearing hear some pretty creative excuses for not putting in the hearing technology. At least now “because no superheroes wear hearing aids” is off the table.

And why shouldn’t superheroes sport sensory-enhancing ear technology? They’re like spy accessories, or a bionic extension of one of your five senses; a tech gadget that’s made just for the wearer and meant to be shown off.

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