Hearing Loss 101

Seniors from Grover Cleveland High School in Queens are taking on an ambitious assignment. They’re learning about hearing loss and the challenges it can pose to everyday communication and safety. Their goal: create apps that improve the quality of life for New Yorkers with hearing loss.

We think this is a terrific idea for a school project! And we’re delighted that teacher Andrew Woodbridge invited the Center for Hearing and Communication to be an educational resource for the students. In fact, we hosted a learning session last week so they could get a crash course in hearing loss and each receive a hearing screening.

Many thanks to our consumer panel – Ruth Bernstein, Susan Kornfeld, Carolyn Stern and John Fazzolar – who took part with me in this lively learning session. As you can see from the photos, the students were very attentive. They asked great questions, and we expect them to come up with some terrific apps.

What did the students learn? Essentially, that a person with hearing loss can do everything that a person with typical hearing can as long as certain accommodations are  made. The apps they’ll be designing will do exactly that!

Hearing Loss… There’s an App for That

About his students, Mr.Woodbridge shared, “Creating an app that they themselves would like to use… that’s easy. What makes this assignment so meaningful and challenging is that they must walk in another person’s shoes. That’s really the point of this project.”

CHC is pleased to be a community partner on this project working with Y-Plan and others to ensure its success.

Stay tuned for details on the unveiling of the apps! Soon you’ll be able to download fully functioning apps and see for yourself how the students did.