Here’s a guest post from UK company YourHearing on taking care of your hearing aids. YourHearing works to guide consumers to independent local, audiologists in their network for great care and fair prices. Long live your hearing aids! 

Anyone who has ever purchased a hearing aid knows that they are not cheap. They can cost several thousand pounds in some instances so it is imperative to learn how to care for them to get optimal use and extend their lifespan. Sometimes it takes special tools to get the job done right and other times a good old-fashioned dose of common sense is all it takes. In any case, here are the top 5 tips to help you extend the life of your hearing aid.

#1 Proper Cleaning Is a Must

Perhaps the best way to protect your investment is to learn how to properly clean your hearing aids. Make sure that the battery compartment is cleaned on a regular basis and that any wires or tubes are free from debris. It is also vital to make sure that there is no build-up on the microphone as that will definitely impair performance. Corrosion in the battery compartment is the one thing you need to watch out for because this will significantly shorten the lifespan.

#2 Keep Hearing Aids Free from Cosmetics

Although most wearers of hearing aids know enough to remove any exposed parts prior to spraying their hair with hairspray, most people aren’t aware of the damage lotion, powders, sunscreens and foundation can do to this sensitive piece of digital equipment. It is recommended that you take them off prior to applying anything whatsoever to the head, neck or face but if you forget, use the cleaning methods provided in the instructions from your manufacturer immediately.

#3 Replace & Inspect Batteries Often

If you notice that your hearing aid isn’t as efficient as usual, the first step you should take is to inspect your batteries and the housing. If you notice any debris or corrosion, clean that area immediately! There is no time to delay as the effects of rust and debris can cause lasting damage to the intricate components. If you feel that there is damage from leakage, contact your audiologist/specialist without further delay. Also, make sure you only change the batteries with clean hands that are free from excess oils or lotions.

#4 Guard against Moisture

Any digital or electronic device is susceptible to water damage and the same holds true of hearing aids. Make sure to remove your hearing aids in the shower, whilst swimming or even when you may have to walk any distance in a rain storm. If your hearing aid should get accidentally wet, dry it immediately and perhaps even place it in a dehumidifier for a time. Dehumidifiers are quite inexpensive and can extend the life of your hearing aid if used appropriately.

#5 Safe Storage of Hearing Aids when Not in Use

Just as it is essential to store contact lenses in a particular manner, it is vital to learn to place your hearing aids in a recommended storage container. If you remove them at night, don’t simply place them on the nightstand. Rather, you should carefully place them in their storage case or a dehumidifier so that they can be protected from bumps, falls and moisture in the room.

You have made an investment in hearing aids which are necessary to help you hear sounds and voices around you. Since this is often quite a bit of money, it is incumbent upon you to learn how to safeguard them to extend their life. These top 5 tips to extend the life of your hearing aid should set you on the right path towards keeping them operational for years to come.

About the writer: When it comes to hearing aids, Adam enjoys educating people on the proper use and care of these oftentimes delicate and highly sensitive devices. When writing for, he takes the time to research various products and how they can be made to outlast their expected longevity.