“Being a part of CHC is very rewarding: it’s small enough to be a true community of people who care, but it’s big enough to make a real difference.”

That’s what Jeff Cohen, president of CHC’s Board of Directors, told the crowd at this year’s Feast. I think he nailed it.

As a nonprofit organization constantly in search of new ways to serve our community, we can always use the help of enthusiastic, talented people. Volunteers and interns at CHC learn from accomplished, excellent professionals and can commit small or large amounts of time.

What do you get when you volunteer or intern at CHC?

  1. Exposure to top-notch professionals and lots of learning opportunities.
  2. We have ambitious goals at CHC – we promise a challenge!
  3. An opportunity to support the renowned organization that has helped deaf and hard of hearing people in the New York City area for 103 years.
  4. Successful volunteers and interns will accomplish goals that will look great on their resumes or portfolios. (If you’re a student with the opportunity to gain college credit for your work here, we’ll be happy to help you fill those requirements.)

We currently have opportunities in the following areas:


Excellent writers and/or researchers can help CHC secure funding to serve a community that needs us. Assist in writing and editing grant proposals and reports and in researching new funding opportunities. This is a challenging and creative opportunity to explore fundraising strategies, including online fundraising/crowdfunding.

Web content

Learn or apply skills in content strategy and writing for the web. Help us make sure visitors to our website get the resources they need. You may get involved in content marketing, social strategy, copywriting, content curating, community management, identifying and cultivating influencers, and usability. Write, edit, and review web content and blog posts.


CHC serves over 20,000 client visits to our Manhattan clinic each year. Volunteers/interns can help with marketing and client relationships in the following activities: client database management, referral source database management, tracking growth metrics, coordinating mailings and client communications, conduct healthcare provider internet research, editing materials, and assisting with email subscriber lists.

If you have skills in the above areas and want to help out, contact us.. Please include a resume, writing sample if applicable, and the approximate amount of time you’d like to contribute.

If you have a different skillset you’d like to contribute as a volunteer or intern at CHC, I’m happy to hear from you.

Please forward this post to friends and family who might be interested. Thank you!

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