We knew it would be a ball, but the day exceeded the wildest of expectations. The Kramer family hosted a party following the Walk4Hearing this past Sunday, and participants raised a combined $6,000.00 + to support CHC’s mission! This kind of generosity is what enables us to offer excellent, clinical services and support all who need us.

Shots of the fun during HLAA’s 2012 Walk4Hearing on September 30, 2012 at Riverside Park and the Kramer family fundraiser for CHC at the Junction Bar in New York City:

Supporters and participants of this celebratory, successful event were CHC clients, staff, “alums,” and friends; members of CHC’s Hear Me Out! young adult activist group; as well as those who were dragged to the event by these people… and ended up having a really fantastic time.

The mission of HLAA’s Walk4Hearing is to raise awareness and spread positive messaging about hearing loss. I think we accomplished that and more for our part!

What’s the impact of donations to support CHC?

For everyone, CHC is the place to go for excellent, affordable hearing healthcare. For some people, it is the only place to turn: we strive to serve all, regardless of ability to pay.

CHC does collect fees for services in the form of insurance and government program reimbursements as well as patient copays. But these funds do not come close to covering the compassionate, expert care people need truly to connect to life in spite of hearing loss.

To treat the many aspects of hearing loss and communication challenges for everyone we serve, help clients in desperate financial circumstances, and offer the kinds of events and support that make the CHC family what it is, we rely on your generosity.

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