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Better hearing makes for healthy aging

Spurred by research that links untreated hearing loss with the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, our Center for Hearing and Aging (CHA) provides critically important outreach, education and direct audiology services to elderly New Yorkers.

Hearing loss poses risk to seniors

Because most adults take seven years to address their hearing loss, CHC has observed first-hand the detrimental impacts denial or a lack of urgency to treated hearing loss can have on healthy aging.  Untreated hearing loss can cause greater social isolation, loneliness, depression and anxiety and puts seniors at a greater risks of falling, cognitive decline and brain atrophy.  All of these conditions significantly reduce an older adult’s quality of life and cherished independence.

The numbers of individuals impacted by a hearing deficit in the later years is increasing as the baby boomer generation ages into their 60s and up along with life expectancy.  Across the U.S. there is an estimated 16 million plus adults with untreated hearing loss, and in New York City alone, that number is 500,000.  Hence, the need for hearing health care is vast.

Our program

Since launching in 2013, the Center for Hearing and Aging has reached thousands of seniors, as well as health care providers. CHA’s program offers current, informative and impactful educational programming, clinical diagnosis and evaluation services and an array of treatment options to help senior adults with hearing loss.  The program also provides the individuals who care for these seniors with invaluable information, training and support on how to manage and reduce the burden of this disability.

We’ve designed and implemented new, compassion-focused, and visionary services not found anywhere else. Offerings include:

  • Educational workshops for seniors, caregivers and health care professionals
  • Mobile hearing screenings
  • Mobile audiological evaluations and treatment
  • Assistive devices demonstration
  • Dispensing of PocketTalkers
  • Distribution of Hearing Help Toolkit

Contact us

Carolyn Stern, Manager, Center for Hearing and Aging

We’re grateful for the support we receive for the Center for Hearing and Aging from generous donors. It makes it possible for us to partner with senior centers and other organizations committed to the health and wellness of older adults.

If you’re a health professional seeking to improve the lives of seniors in your care through hearing health education and services, please call us at 917-305-7838. Carolyn Stern, Manager of the Center for Hearing and Aging for over six years, would be happy to discuss our program and see how it could help your constituents. Carolyn is passionate about helping others with hearing loss, like herself, learn about and adapt strategies and technologies to live more fully with the condition. Click here or below to send Carolyn an email inquiry.

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Hearing loss can be a part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean we have to live with its harm.

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