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Resources for noise control activities

Noise activists and International Noise Awareness Day organizers may find these templates useful in their work. If you’re looking for additional information, or have materials to share, please email us.

Sample press release


Contact:   Nancy Nadler, Assistant Executive Director, 917-305-7810

Communities Urged To “Protect Their Hearing, Protect Their Health” On International Noise Awareness Day, [date]

[location]—”It is time to address the threat that noise poses to hearing, health, learning, and behavior,” says Nancy Nadler, Assistant Executive Director at the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC). This year CHC is again spearheading a special effort to inform the public of the necessity of creating quiet home, school, and recreational environments.

Continuous exposure to noise above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss, but research shows that even below that threshold, noise instigates physiological changes. Blood pressure elevation, sleep and digestion problems, and other stress-related disorders are linked to environmental noise. Studies on children’s learning and behavior document find that noise poses great risks. “It is time,” Nadler says, “that we take responsibility to quiet our surroundings and create a healthful environment for ourselves and our children.”

Among planned International Noise Awareness Day activities for [weekday, date] sponsored by the Center for Hearing and Communication, public observance of the Quiet Diet: one minute of quiet, regardless of time zone, from 2:15 P.M. to 2:16 P.M.

Free hearing screenings. Private audiologists and speech and hearing clinics will help to celebrate International Noise Awareness Day by providing free hearing screenings to the public.

Dissemination of Hearing Protection – Hearing protection will be distributed on International Noise Awareness Day at hearing screenings, town meetings, and various places of business and college campuses.

Town meetings to “Sound Off on Noise” – Town meetings will be scheduled in various communities on International Noise Awareness Day to provide a forum for community residents to voice their concerns about noise. Local police departments, representatives from the Department of Environmental Protection and local politicians will be invited to attend these meetings.

Publicity – Participants in International Noise Awareness Day will hold press conferences in their local areas. Press releases and public service announcements on television and radio stations will involve the media and help to promote the important message that noise hurts.

City/State Proclamations – Mayoral and Gubernatorial Proclamations in celebration of International Noise Awareness Day will be obtained.

If you’re concerned about noise in your community or workplace, CHC encourages you to develop your noise awareness and control group to educate and remedy harmful noise. Visit the Noise Center online at for resources for individuals and organizers.

Additional information on International Noise Awareness Day and how you can participate is also available at the website and by contacting Nancy Nadler via email.

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Letter to the Mayor content

“One of the major themes of your administration is bettering “quality of life” in (name of city), and among the issues you have addressed (or have to address) in these efforts is noise pollution.

The [name of your group] commends you and your administration on your [efforts/interest in work] to abate noise pollution. Since its founding in [date], we have been concerned about the escalation of noise in [locality] and its deleterious effects on hearing, health, and the quality of life in this great city. To that end, [name of group] joins with local, national, and international agencies and associations (a list of which is enclosed) to celebrate International Noise Awareness Day.

In addition to a multitude of activities planned by the Center for the Hard of Hearing, the sponsor of this annual commemoration; [name of group]; and participating organizations, the primary media and public focus on International Noise Awareness Day will be the “Quiet Diet”—60 seconds of no noise from 2:15 to 2:16 p.m.

International Noise Awareness Day needs your support and participation to succeed. We respectfully request that you issue a proclamation declaring [date] “International Noise Awareness Day” in [locality]. Alongside the other local participating groups, we would be honored if representatives could attend and partake in the presentation of the proclamation and by your assistance in publicly observing the “Quiet Diet” by joining us in no noise for one minute, from 2:15 to 2:16 p.m., immediately following the presentation of the proclamation.

Please call my office directly at [phone number] if you have questions or need additional information. Thank you for your leadership on this issue and your consideration of our request.

Anti-Noise Poster Contest Guidelines

“International Noise Awareness Day is right around the corner. The commemoration serves to educate the general public about the hazardous impact of noise on hearing and health. With the increased use of earbuds and headphones, as well as the general increase in noise in our environment, our youth is particularly vulnerable to noise-induced hearing loss.

Who is Eligible
. The contest is open to all students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Contest Theme
. The theme of the poster contest is the effects of noise on hearing and health and ways to reduce noise pollution. Entries should address this theme. All entries should be on a 22 inch by 28 inch poster board and have the following identifying information typed on a card and attached securely to the back of the poster:

  • Name of student
  • Grade of student
  • School name
  • School address, city, state and zip code
  • School phone number
  • Contact person at school (teacher or principal’s)

Any entry not accompanied by typed identifying information will be ineligible.

Each student should submit one poster to [teacher].

Submissions are due [date].

Contest Judging. Contest judging will take place in early April. The panel of judges will include artists, noise experts, educators, and public officials. Each poster will be judged on originality, artistic ability and understanding of the contest theme.

They will choose one winner from each grade and a grand prizewinner, announced on International Noise Awareness Day.

Prizes. All participants will receive certificates of merit. (Prize suggestions include money, savings bond, gift certificate, picture in local newspaper, and display of artwork in a local gallery.)

Recipe for A Quiet Diet

Take these few, simple steps to preserve the peace and quiet in your life.

All day…

Pay attention to the noises you make and respect your neighbor’s right to peace and quiet.

Turn down the volume two notches on your radios and personal stereo systems with headphones.

Turn down the volume one notch on your television.

Do NOT honk your horn, except in the case of imminent danger.

Do NOT tip cab drivers who honk their horns illegally.

Avoid noisy sports events, restaurants, rock concerts and nightclubs unless you use hearing protection.

Replace noisy activities with quiet ones such as taking a walk, visits to libraries and museums.

Ask your health club instructor to lower the music.

Ask the movie theater manager to turn down the volume.

Wear adequate hearing protection if you must be in a noisy environment (the subway, mowing the lawn)

Turn off the television during dinner and have a quiet conversation instead.

Get a free hearing screening.

Attend a town meeting to review (or develop) a local, enforceable noise ordinance.

Spread the word about the danger of noise,

And remember… observe one minute of no noise from 2:15 – 2:16 pm (regardless of location/time zone).