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Educational Support

Your child with hearing loss can thrive academically

Girl with hearing loss learning remotelyEducational services at CHC are designed to help bridge the gaps between therapies, audiological services and a student’s classroom environment based on their auditory needs. CHC’s certified Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are specially trained to provide support services that will enhance the academic experience. Our goal is to contribute to each student’s ability to reach their true potential in the least restrictive classroom environment.

Announcing new remote services

Given the changes in our educational system in 2020, CHC is now offering educational support programs specifically designed for children with hearing loss who are learning remotely or being home schooled. Click below to learn more.

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Why educational support matters

Educational support services play a critical role in ensuring your child with hearing loss can reach his or her full academic potential. A CHC Teacher of the Deaf will work closely with you, your child and your child’s teachers to:

  • Ensure your child has appropriate support services to be successful whether engaged in remote learning or home schooling.
  • Provide support to educators on how to use assistive technology appropriately, in order to optimize the speech signal.
  • Provide direct academic services aimed at preparing for and reinforcing
    curriculum across all core subjects.
  • Guide parents throughout their child’s academic career so that they may
    become their primary advocate.

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CHC’s Teachers of the Deaf

Dana Selznick, M.A., M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Communication Services, Education and Family Support
CHC’s Shelley and Steven Einhorn Communication Center
Dana Selznick of CHC in NYC is an education specialist with expertise in working with students with hearing loss and APD

Dana Selznick, MA, MEd
Deaf Education Specialist

Dana Selznick is a certified Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing who is dedicated to helping your child with hearing loss or auditory processing disorder get the support and accommodations they need to thrive academically and reach their true potential. She’s an indispensable resource for parents seeking help in navigating Early Intervention (EI), Committee on Preschool Education (CPSE), Deaf Infant Program (DIP) and the New York State educational system. Dana received an undergraduate degree in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education at the University of North Florida and her M.A. and M.Ed. in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education and Elementary Education at Columbia University; she has been working within the NYC educational system ever since.

Sivan Levy, M.A.

Sivan Levy is a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing with CHC in NYCSivan Levy is a certified Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing providing individualized academic support that reflects an understanding that every child learns differently. “It is my responsibility to find the right approach to ensure my students hit and then surpass essential milestones.” She received her undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Georgia and her M.A. in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education from Columbia University. Before joining CHC, Sivan worked with preschoolers with hearing loss at the Atlanta Speech School, Katherine Hamm Center.

CHC’s remote learning consultant services »

CHC’s home school consultant services »

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