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The Center for Hearing and Communication in New York is pleased to offer cortical auditory evoked potential testing as part of our suite of renowned pediatric services and proud to be the only facility in the Northeast currently using this specialized testing equipment.

New technology at CHC ensures hearing aid benefit

Babies today who are deaf and hard of hearing receive their first hearing aids when they’re just a few weeks old.

Early identification of hearing loss allows for greatly improved hearing health care. At the same time, it presents a unique challenge. How do you ensure that babies are getting the proper amplification from their hearing aids?

CHC provides cortical assessment

Hearlab verifies hearing aid benefit for deaf babiesCHC is now using specialized technology to determine the benefit infants receive from their hearing aids. It’s a cortical evoked potential analyzer that the audiologist uses for cortical assessment. Cortical assessment tells us about how amplified sound travels through the auditory cortex. The presence of responses suggests that the hearing aids are programmed optimally in order to provide benefit..

At CHC, cortical assessment is testing we’re using not only with infants, but with any individual with hearing loss, regardless of age, who cannot actively or reliably respond via conventional test methods due to a developmental or cognitive delay. It’s also allowing CHC to improve care for children with auditory processing disorders.

Currently, CHC is the only facility in the Northeast offering CAEP testing.

Raising the standard of care

CHC audiologists have raised the standard of care using CAEP testing. The following are just a few of its most significant applications, for babies as well as older children and adults:

  • Assists audiologists in optimizing hearing aid programming so that infants may benefit maximally from their hearing aids;
  • Serves as a counseling tool for the audiologist when discussing hearing aid use time with parents and other caregivers;
  • Monitors cortical responses of individuals with auditory processing disorders (APD);
  • Provides hearing aid verification for older children and adults who are neurologically impaired or multi-handicapped.

As the only facility in the Northeast with this unique piece of technology, the Center for Hearing and Communication demonstrates our commitment to hearing health care of the highest caliber through the use of cutting-edge technology and innovative therapeutic techniques.

If you are interested in learning more about our pediatric services including hearing testing and hearing aid fitting, please contact pediatric audiologist Anita Stein-Meyers at (917) 305-7765.

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