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Older than a child, but not quite a grownup…

deaf-kids-moma-tourAt CHC’s Shelley and Steven Einhorn Communication Center, we support and guide adolescents through the unique social, academic, and emotional challenges of coming of age with hearing loss.

Over 90% of the deaf and hard of hearing kids in CHC’s auditory-oral therapy succeed in acquiring the skills necessary to choose and learn in the mainstream education environment. But even when they’re set on the chosen educational path, there’s still work do.

What experiences do deaf middle school students have in “mainstream” education and social settings?

Being the only one you know who wears hearing aids or has cochlear implants, needs special education services in the classroom, and has a tendency to miss a punch line or two is not the average middle schoolers idea of fitting in. Some deaf or hard of hearing students are even bullied.

Adolescents with hearing loss should have opportunities to meet peers like them, hear from role models like them, share stories and tips, and be around people who “get” how to communicate with them. Their sense of “otherness” can be shed, and confidence grows.

Turning Points

The Turning Points Adolescent Workshop is a treasured, yearly event at CHC. First offered in 2006, it’s named for what we later heard from so many of the students who attended say: “The workshop was a crucial turning point during that period for me.” Former turning points participants, now in high school or college, return each year to encourage the middle schoolers along the path they know well. Anyone who cares about a young deaf or hard of hearing person would value giving her an expanded, positive vision of future possibilities and enriched sense of self.

Meanwhile, get to take part in a roundtable discussion to seek advice, share successes to an audience who will truly understand, and commiserate on challenges.

Thank you the Morgan Stanley Foundation, Inc., and The Willis Foundation for supporting this event in past years.

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Preteen and teen support groups

Therapeutic support groups at CHC impart the skills and techniques deaf and hard of hearing youth need to develop a positive self-identity and confidently interact with their hearing peers. With a speech-language pathologist as facilitator, participants learn communication strategies, utilize open-forum discussions, and role play in a welcoming, interactive learning environment. Interested? Email us.

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