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Senior and adult programs

Improving life for Broward County adults + seniors

CHC-FL programming for adults and seniors advocates for aging with dignity through support and services tailored to the needs of Broward County’s older residents.

  • Adult Mental Health Services is a program funded by Broward County which provides accessible outpatient and outreach mental health treatment services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HoH) adult clients, ages 18 years and older residing in Broward County, who are not otherwise eligible for services through private insurance, Medicaid, the State of Florida, or any other third-party reimbursement mechanism. Services include individual, couple, and/or family counseling to assist in addressing personal or interpersonal conflicts or making personal adjustments to stressful life situations.
  • H.E.A.R. for Seniors (Hearing Loss, Education, Access, and Resources) is a program funded by the Community Foundation of Broward launched in 2016. The H.E.A.R. for Seniors program provides services for individuals age 80 years and older, who experience hearing loss, are home-bound and/or have limited access to travel. Each client will be visited by an Outreach Specialist and Case Manger who will assess their hearing needs and communications. At the initial intake, an in-depth look at how clients hear in their homes (i.e., hearing environmental scan) and living environment will be conducted. Knowledge of their hearing loss and concerns about their communication will be addressed through testing, surveys, and discussion.
  • Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI) provides special telephones for Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Deaf/Blind, and Speech Impaired Florida residents. CHC-FL is the largest distributor of phones in Florida, serving ALL of Broward County. Staff is trained in identifying the best product for the individual that needs assistance in utilizing the services. Staff provides both off-site distribution and training for individuals, as well as on-site distribution/training.  It is an invaluable service that helps individuals connect and engage in their community with others.
  • Aging with HIV/AIDS/STIs: The New Senior Challenge is a program previously funded by United Way of Broward, with workshops that focus on prevention, education, and counseling services for seniors in Broward County, age 55 years and older, who have some degree of hearing loss and are sexually active. Based on strong evidence regarding the correlation of aging and diminished hearing loss, the presentation is designed specifically to accommodate those seniors who have hearing loss. This will enable them to better understand the material presented, potentially resulting in increased retention of the information. The overall goals of the program are to increase awareness and knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and STIs and reduce risky behaviors among this cohort.

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Funding for our adult programming is provided through grants from the following community leaders: