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Oticon-Connectline-accessoryDiscover better communication and a more satisfying listening experience with your hearing aids through the use of accessories and wireless connectivity. Here are a few of the technical marvels at CHC that can give hearing aid wearers better access to sound.

Wireless connectivity system

Turn your hearing aids into a virtual hands-free headset that allows you to connect wirelessly to your phone, TV and other devices. Connectivity systems using Bluetooth technology are available from all the major hearing aid manufacturers (Oticon, Phonak, Widex and Starkey). Binaural telephone listening, in particular, has provided our clients with significant benefit, even those who previously had given up using their phone.

Roger portable microphone

Try this stylish and discreet wireless microphone shaped like a pen that can improve your ability to understand speech in noise and over distance. When you’re out dining or at a business meeting, simply place the pen on the table near the speaker and their voice will stream directly to your hearing aids with remarkable clarity.

Remote control

Make quick and easy adjustments to your hearing aids using a discreet remote control. No more fumbling with the controls on your hearing aids.

Made for iPhone hearing aid

While not actually an accessory, the new Made for iPhone hearing aid called Halo from Starkey allows for seamless connectivity with America’s favorite accessory, the iPhone. You’ll be able to stream phone calls and your favorite TV shows directly to your hearing aids. Easily change your hearing aid settings remotely using your phone and turn your iPhone into a portable microphone to hear speech better in difficult listening situations.

Desktop video magnifier

Anyone visiting our New York office who has limited vision is invited to use our desktop video magnifier. This device magnifies documents and objects (such as hearing aids and the tiny print in user’s manuals) so that people with limited vision can be taught how to use and maintain a new hearing aid. We’re pleased to make our services accessible to people with impaired vision and wish to acknowledge the generous grant from the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped that made the purchase of this technology possible. See the desktop video magnifier in action.