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Captioning apps for people with hearing loss

Tools to enhance communication

CHC clients learn about captioning apps and other hearing technologyCHC audiologists are recommending excellent captioning apps to clients with hearing loss who have difficulty understanding speech in challenging listening situations.

The apps, available for iPhone and Android devices, are free and simple to use and can be helpful to people with hearing loss, whether they use hearing aids or not.

The captioning apps highlighted below use speech recognition technology that is quite good. But please be aware that they don’t always achieve 100% accuracy.

We encourage you to give them a try and let us know what you think using the Contact feature at the bottom of this page.

CHC’s recommended captioning apps


Ava is a real-time captioning app. Utilizing the microphone of a smart phone or tablet, the app captures spoken conversations and coverts it to captions displayed real-time on the screen of the device. Through a user friendly interface, the app can also caption group conversations by connecting individuals who have the app activated.

The speech to text service is provided 24/7 and offered free up to 5 hours per month. An unlimited usage plan is available for a monthly fee.

Ava can also be used in classrooms, lectures, meetings, conferences and houses of worship through its “Ava for Professionals” offering.

Learn more on the Ava site »


The InnoCaption app provides real-time captioning of wireless telephone calls made through smartphones. The free mobile caption service is for individuals with hearing loss who reside in the United States.

Individuals are required to register with the company before enabling usage of the service.

Learn more on the InnoCaption site »

Assistive listening devices

In addition to captioning apps, there are many assistive listening devices that can enable people with hearing loss to stay connected to loved ones and the world around them. These devices include wireless TV headsets, captioned landline phones and doorbells that trigger a flashing light.

Please click below to read more about assistive listening devices or schedule an appointment with a CHC audiologist to learn more about assistive technology that can address your hearing and communication needs. You’re also invited to take part in our free weekly devices demo every Thursday at 2pm at CHC-NY.

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